StreetCandy founder Helen Kundicevic


StreetCandy is a vessel to contain current explorations of the potency and immediacy of photography in everyday experiences, a repository to hold the random images I have been gathering and a vehicle to appease the drive to build narratives through images from the streets around my life.

What do I do?


I am a photographer and designer and I live and work in Sydney. I have formal qualifications having graduated with Master of Fine Arts from Sydney College of the Arts.


These days my direction is simple – I love the art of producing an image that has the ability to turn heads and change minds. The inspiration for this comes from streetcandy of the everyday.

 From lecturing in photography and digital media for many years my working life naturally transitioned into the ecommerce space. Over the past 10+ years I have been honing my skills as an email and site marketing specialist with design and coding expertise thrown in for good measure. I am currently available for freelance projects, consulting and collaborations. Use my contact form to get in touch, I would love to hear from you.


You can learn more about my working life from my LinkedIn profile…

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StreetCandy in a non-exclusive microstock producer with accounts on selected agencies… iStock, Shutterstock and Adobe Stock
If you are interested in purchasing any of the images that you see on StreetCandy or images posted on on my Instagram feed at @streetcandypics feel free to drop me a line.


The photographs uploaded to StreetCandy are original works produced by the creator Helen Kundicevic and are subject to © Copyright. Please contact me if you would like a digital file or print of anything on StreetCandy.