Photography by Helen Kundicevic


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Bulahdelah, the perfect detour off Highway 1 on the way to Port Macquarie from Sydney.

Souvenirs from the Breakwall

There is something quite strange and yet altogether celebratory about Port Macquarie’s breakwall. It is one of those strange tourist attractions that has become a rite of passage to tattoo the rocks that line the towns breakwall with noisy writing on loss, love and everything in-between.

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Car Song

Sometimes you come across something in the street that fills you up with the past. This is one of those moments.

Heart Land Part 1

Life in Donja Selo has a slowness and quietness that is the perfect antidote to the noisy and congested city life in which most of us spend our time. Read more →

Commuting London Style

Fellow tube travellers

Postcard from Hampstead Heath

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Venetian Whispers

Venice is a beautiful and mesmeric city of watery ‘phantom’ streets and grand facades. Read more →

Rest Point

A couple takes time out along the Fushimi Inari Shrine trail in southern Kyoto. Read more →

Nishiki Markets Kyoto

Road testing the Adobe Spark Page content building tool using an Eat with Your Eyes photo-story on the Nishiki Markets in downtown Kyoto.

Adobe Spark Page

The Art of Display #2

Toji Flea Market, Kyoto Japan

Once a month Toji Temple comes to life with a flea market selling a wide variety of second hand goods. Read more →