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Souvenirs from the Breakwall

Souvenirs from the Breakwall

There is something quite strange and yet altogether celebratory about Port Macquarie’s breakwall. It is one of those strange tourist attractions that has become a rite of passage to tattoo the rocks that line the towns breakwall with noisy writing on loss, love and everything in-between.

The rocks bear the burden of  heartfelt memorials to the lost, declarations of everlasting devotion from love-struck couples and the ‘I was here in PMQ’ notes by travellers from around the globe.

Writing gives us a device for inscribing space, for inscribing nature: the lovers’ names carved in bark, the slogans on the bridge, and the strangely uniform and idiosyncratic hand that has tattooed the subways. Susan Stewart, On Longing


Two girls in the belly of the breakwall, Port Macquarie



Heart detail, the Breakwall, Port Macqurie

Breakwall, Port Macquarie

Technical Info:

Shot on a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.  ISO 100, 24mm, 15 sec @ f22.