"Everything which would ordinarily go into the waste paper basket after use"

The beer newspaper

The beer paper

Yes, it’s a newspaper about beer, an excellent idea for which there is surely an endless supply of interesting stories and riveting news. Particularly for beer drinkers.

It calls itself a ‘curated journal’ – whatever that means – but in essence it’s 16 pages of newsprint primarily about beer with just a smidgin of food and music thrown in for good measure. Focusing mainly on the burgeoning micro-brewery scene in Sydney’s inner suburbs, it’s actually quite an interesting read. Particularly for beer drinkers.

Beer in the beer paper

There is lots of white space, nice pictures of beer and beer bottles and bars and brewers, and not much copy spread rather thinly over 16 pages but as a promotional freebie it’s an interesting use of the medium, perhaps more in keeping with the home-spun, hipsterish vibe of the local brewing scene. Who needs a beer app anyway?

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