"Everything which would ordinarily go into the waste paper basket after use"

The curry sauce packet

Curry sauce pack

I’ve noted previously the tendency to use gold and silver foil on items of packaging which are otherwise remarkably prosaic and utilitarian. In this instance, it is amazing to see gold foil and embossing on something as humble as a curry sauce packet.

Mind you, if I made a curry sauce called Golden Curry then I reckon I’d be reaching for the foil too.

Moreover it is from Japan where they take their packaging very seriously indeed and produce it to an exceptionally high standard.

But it’s overkill, you might say, and unnecessary because it’s unlikely to make you want to increase your consumption of curry sauce.

Maybe. One day though we’ll all be using replicators to make our curry sauce and when that happens there will be a miniscule loss, a tiny gap marking the absence of shiny cheerful stuff to catch our eye and brighten the dull, grey day.

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