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The fake bank notes

Fake bank notes

I found these two big pineapples lying around – oversize $50 bills offering discounts of various kinds. It’s not unusual to get them in the letterbox promoting something or other, which just shows the degree to which great marketing minds think alike.

Do they work? Presumably they do or they wouldn’t be circulated, although I’ve always suspected they are so hedged around with T&Cs as to render them practically worthless (plus I only ever seem to find them or remember them long after I need them or the offer has expired). Not worth the paper they are printed on, so to speak.

I like the fact that despite the fake notes being about twice the size of real ones and covered in logos and text, one of them is still stamped with Not Legal Tender, just in case anyone is fool enough to be taken in by such obvious copies. While the notes are required to be different sizes to the original, there is no legal necessity for them to include such a disclaimer.

Interesting too that only David Unaipon is reproduced whereas Edith Cowan, a noted campaigner for women’s rights, is ignored on the other side.

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