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The Korean painter’s flyer

Painter's leaflet

So today I learnt that Koreans supposedly make good decorators. Who knew?

This flyer arrived in the letterbox and caught my eye, partly because of the syntax (placing the verb at the end of the clause- ‘Better looking property wanted?’ – as occurs in Korean) but also because it sells the idea of ‘reliable’ Korean painters.

I’ve never really considered the nationality of painters and decorators before, let alone whether or not Koreans have a reputation for being better than your average tradesman. It’s not the same as Japanese sushi chefs or Italian shoemakers – is it?

Perhaps it’s just an interesting marketing gambit – promoting a benefit that previously was unknown to be a positive – which is not that unusual as a ploy; think of all the ad campaigns that create a need for something which people didn’t even know they were lacking. European styling. Pads with wings. Moisturising strips

But, in this case, I don’t think that’s what is happening. Rather I think Jo Kang Painting is just alerting us to the fact that they are Korean and if we want to make something of that, well, that’s up to us.

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