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The label expo booklet

Label exhibition brochure

This little A5-size booklet arrived from Europe a few weeks ago advertising an upcoming label show in Brussels. It’s a show, a ‘live’ show, so that explains the rock ‘n’ roll theme including copying the Rolling Stone masthead style, although I think they could have come up with a better title than Newsletter – that’s what it is, not the title. It’s like calling your magazine, Magazine – and no doubt someone has done that too.

OK. So where was I? Oh yes, the rock ‘n’ roll theme. It’s also used on the address sheet which features a cartoon version (calling it a ‘parody’ flatters it) of the Beatles Abbey Road cover except it looks more like Bon Jovi crossing the road and Abbey Road is now in Belgium because that’s the Atomium in the background. Then again, one of the band is carrying a double-neck guitar so maybe it’s meant to be Led Zeppelin and they are looking for a Stairway to Heaven. The white VW Beetle on the Abbey Road cover has become a Citroen 2CV while the black police van has turned into a yellow taxi. On the cover of the booklet, the T-shirt of the lead singer with his back to the crowd reads ‘Rock Your Labels Off’.

I get the rock ‘n’ roll thing but the Beatles-reincarnated-as-Led-Zeppelin-on-Abbey-Road-in-Brussels spin is just too confusing for Simple Minds like mine. Still, someone’s having fun.

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