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The Nest magazine

The Nest issues

This was a local freebie magazine that appeared in my letterbox for four issues from May to August. It was slightly different in that it was A5 size with a staple, so smaller than most street publications. It was printed by Webstar, part of the Blue Star Print Group, which specialises in short-run magazines.

According to the blurb, the print run over the four issues ranged from 25,000 to 35,000 copies of 52 pages including cover, so a decent amount for a local publication. The content was a mix of lifestyle stories and articles about local businesses.

So. I was going to write something about how great it was to see something new in print, full colour, glossy, nicely designed, compact, user-friendly etc etc. Gee, print is great, isn’t it? Then September came and went, October rolled around and there was no sign of The Nest reappearing, just the usual daily ephemera in the letterbox…

So. It seems that the bird has flown the Nest. I hope everybody involved in its production managed to retain their sanity and their houses.

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