"Everything which would ordinarily go into the waste paper basket after use"

The rubber duck flyer

Real estate mailer

Oooh, ducky.

I’ve looked at this for a long time (OK, OK – I gave it a couple of minutes casual thought while waiting for the kettle to boil) and I still have no idea what the duck signifies.

It’s from a real estate agent so duck… bathroom… home… buy massively over-priced real estate… Nope, I thought I had it there for a moment but then it just slipped away like water off a duck’s… or whatever.

Still it made me look, so there.

Another bafflingly idiosyncratic touch is the yellow underscore _Know which suggests something vaguely hi-teccy, a computer program perhaps because we all know those things are used a lot in the arcane world of coding which means they must know what they are doing and be pretty shit-hot real estate agents. I’d let them talk me into anything.

But the duck, the duck… I dunno.

shredded paper

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