"Everything which would ordinarily go into the waste paper basket after use"

The Thai restaurant menu

Thai restaurant flyer

A recent letterbox drop reveals that the age-old combination of Thai restaurants and punny names continues to hold sway.

This is what happens in a congested market where there is little to separate the products on offer – similar menus, very keen pricing. Everything hinges on creating that snappy, instantly memorable brand name that will cut-through all the competing noise.

Hence the proliferation of jokey Thai names – Thai-tanic, Thai-foon, Thai-riffic etc – which probably reached its peak (or nadir depending on your point of view) in the late 80s and early 90s.

Does it work as a marketing tactic? Well, these places are still in business although I would hazard a guess that the more upmarket places these days wouldn’t touch a pun with a satay stick.

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