More dead art

Dead art No. 24

An empty paint bottle nuzzles the finished painting as if unwilling to relinquish contact with its contents just yet, pining for its loss. Such is Art. See more dead art here.

Two more dead stacking chairs

Dead stacking chair No. 27

Like peas in a pod… except that, although they look identical, these two green chairs are in fact subtly different. Why is that so? Why do mass produced goods end up having minor variations, as if their DNA is being delicately tweaked? This seems to be especially true of stacking chairs which often appear indistinguishable […]

Another dead office chair

Dead chair No. 61

Ah yes, but are you really? Are any of us truly free? And now, having made that obviously weak and unoriginal joke, I butt up against the ossified limits of my intelligence, a fact of which I am reminded repeatedly every day ad nauseam. This is, after all, a rather commonplace example of misreading, something […]

Another dead printer

Dead printer No. 16

Here is an example of an interesting by-product of the dumping ecosystem – the ‘neighbourly note’. They appear from time to time, usually in the vicinity of heavy dumping sites, those unrelenting death zones which, for whatever reason, attract more than their fair share of lane-way leftovers. Veritable vortices of rubbish, they are. Anyway. The […]