More dead art

Dead art No. 38

Canvas of the Sydney city skyline at sunset which, given the size of the sun, is evocative of the Australian Aboriginal flag design in an inverted form. See more dead art here.

More dead art

Dead art No. 36

It seems somewhat appropriate that this print – stained, creased, abandoned in a broken frame with bird shit on it – is from Sebastião Salgado’s series of photographs taken at the Serra Pelada gold mine in Brazil. Salgado’s photographs from the 1980s captured the madness and human folly of the mine’s operation which, at its […]

More dead gym equipment

Dead gym equipment No. 9

Like a piece of medical equipment or an instrument of torture, there is something instantly recognisable about gym equipment, for what it is even if what it actually does remains a mystery, at least to the uninitiated. The unfit. This is unmistakeably a piece of abandoned gym equipment but how it works, what it is […]