Another dead ball

Dead ball No. 12

Sometimes it almost feels as if something more than air has escaped, that there was something inside this sac gestating and growing, slowly stretching the seams and cracking the membrane until it could be contained no longer and burst out into the world to go who knows where. All we can surmise is that it’s […]

Another dead ball

Dead ball No. 11

Alone in the gutter, Sherrin contemplates the meaning of abstract expressionism. Join more dead balls here.

Another dead heater

Dead heater No. 8

Just looking at this one evokes a childhood memory of an occasion when I had a teddy bear and there was a gas heater in the living room not unlike this one. One evening, when the fire was on, I accidentally leant the teddy against the protective guard until his fur melted. I’m not sure […]

Dead armchair No. 32

We Are Family. This one could just as easily be assigned to sofas but, in the end, I came down on the side of armchairs for reasons that have been explored elsewhere. Armchairs are so much more than small sofas; they speak louder than their bigger cousins and, if further evidence were needed, that is […]

another dead potty

Dead potty No. 5

The Highback Potty It looks well-used doesn’t it? This potty has been around the block a few times, I would say. It’s the worn label – not removed but eroded over time – and the scratch marks around the rim which speak to me of a hard-working potty, one which has done its time, carried […]

Another dead ball

Dead ball No. 10

An abandoned Wahu ball lying in the rainy gutter. Fortunately, according to the website, it has ‘a waterproof neoprene skin for all conditions’ so you can rest assured that it is more than capable of withstanding the crushing sense of futility that comes from being cast aside, no longer the centre of attention in backyard […]

Another dead armchair

Dead armchair No. 31

This one is definitely putting the arm back into armchair (yeah, I’m not sure what that means either). Just look at those armrests though. You could land a light plane on there, build a house, raise a family, maybe run a few head of cattle… It’s the seat of someone who likes to spread themselves, […]

More dead magazine holders

Dead magazine holders No. 2

I’m going to state the obvious here that labelling your magazine holders with the label ‘Magazines’ is rather stating the obvious. Clutches heart and assumes expression of mock shock: No way Jose! I would never have guessed. Of course magazine holders can be used to hold other items, such as my collection of laminated rejection […]

another dead armchair

Dead armchair No. 30

I feel the most pressing question here is: what caused those brown stains? It could be just dye from a cushion but it’s also suggestive of a body that has spent too long in the chair, which fits with my hypothesis outline elsewhere that people will typically love a favourite armchair to death. Until death. […]

Another dead armchair

Dead armchair No. 29

Like the aftermath of Cinderella’s ball, here’s another slipper to go with the one from last year. I figure this might be an old chair given a new lease of life with snazzy upholstery and orange legs but which has now fallen on hard times, all grimy and battered. In the right hands, it’s ready […]