A dead potty

When potties die

A rare find, the abandoned potty – which begs the question, what does happen to all the old potties? Does everybody keep them, clinging to their first shit receptacle alongside Teddy and blankie, a memento of simpler, more innocent days? Perhaps they all go to landfill, helping to fill those big holes in the earth […]

A dead tie

When ties die

There was a moment, no more than a nano-second, after I came across this dead tie when I imagined it might be moving. Something about the pattern and the way in which it has been coiled immediately suggested to me that it was a snake, lying in there in wait, silent and all snake-like. There […]

Fake log fire

When electric log heaters die

How many fake trees were chopped down to make this fake log heater? It’s a good question and one well-worth considering in depth because a growing number of people are concerned about the destruction of pristine fake forests for use in fake fires (gas or electric) thereby contributing to the release of fake greenhouse gases […]

Dead silver platter

When silver platters die

I know, I know. It’s not silver and it’s not really a platter. More like a tray. So, to begin again: when tin trays die. Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it? And you know what? I didn’t check to see what it was made from, no biting nor looking for marks. […]

Broken statues

When garden statues die

I like this one a lot because, in the words of the great Homer Simpson, it works on so many levels. Consider the set-up. There is the broken statue, or at least the bulk of what remains of it and then, alongside it, placed deliberately and neatly in a blue milk crate as if commenting […]

A mighty dump

When water colour paints die

Round where I live, it’s quite common to find small piles of detritus left in the back lane as the result of people moving house. This is the residual, the bit that’s left over when people move from one place to another, like shedding a skin. It’s the stuff they don’t want to take with […]