Death defying sites

Dear Dead Things

I hate this endless cavalcade of waste and wanton disposal of worn-out things but I, too, feel tempted to dump my broken, unwanted items in the nearest laneway because I don’t know what else to do.

Is there any way to break this cycle of product life and death? How do we stop this madness?

Yours sincerely

A Concerned Citizen

Council notified

Dear Concerned Citizen

Relax – there are many alternative avenues to simply dumping unwanted items in the laneway.

Check out some of the resources below for the disposal and recycling of your Dead Things…

Bower Reuse and Repair Centre

A great community resource for the collection, repair and reuse of household goods in order to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Soft Landing

Have your old mattress recycled with most of the metal, foam and timber being reused for a range of other products, thereby helping to save thousands of tonnes of waste from going to landfill each year.

Garage Sale Trail

Offload your unwanted possessions and make some money at the same time. Register for Australia’s largest garage sale.

Your local community

Not everybody is wandering the laneways looking for stuff to collect. Local community groups on Facebook and neighbourhood groups such as Nextdoor are useful resources for sharing items you might no longer want – especially if you’re giving them away.

Recycle and reuse

It’s amazing what you can recycle these days – Planet Ark’s Recycling Near You resource has lots of information on what and where you can get things recycled.