More dead gas bottles

When gas bottles die

Admit it, there’s something a little scary about dead gas bottles. They sit there like unexploded bombs, all that self-contained power waiting to be released, instantly, unexpectedly. They could go off at any moment. Whatever they hold must be dangerous because it is constrained by so much heavy metal, a solid force field neutralising all […]

A dead toy pram

When doll prams die

It’s an empty doll’s pram. I mean, the pram is empty, not the doll; the doll is just absent, not vacant. Feel free to fill it with memories and emotions, conjecture, a story line or two. It’s designed to be played with, to carry a load of make-believe. Seeing an abandoned pram, it’s hard not […]

A dead car

When toy cars die

You know, the thought occurs to me that maybe all this writing about the abandoned detritus of our lives is just a tad obsessive. I mean, what is it except an attempt to recuperate the excess, that which has been discarded, and tidy it away in a nice, neat blog? Despite appearances, it is not […]

dead fan heater

When fan heaters die

Plucky little fan heaters are further casualties of the winter months when, along with oil heaters, they are called into action, their tiny motors and heating wires pushed to the point of overload. Fan heater death is always a puzzle to me. Why, oh why? They are such simple creatures; shaped like single-cell organisms, they […]

Fake log fire

When electric log heaters die

How many fake trees were chopped down to make this fake log heater? It’s a good question and one well-worth considering in depth because a growing number of people are concerned about the destruction of pristine fake forests for use in fake fires (gas or electric) thereby contributing to the release of fake greenhouse gases […]

A victim of chair rage

When office chairs die

There seems to be a disturbing level of chair rage out there. These days, it is rare to come across a dead office chair that hasn’t been wilfully tipped over or mutilated in some way or simply smashed to pieces. Whatever happened to letting chairs die with dignity? Is it really necessary to humiliate them […]

Dead silver platter

When silver platters die

I know, I know. It’s not silver and it’s not really a platter. More like a tray. So, to begin again: when tin trays die. Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, does it? And you know what? I didn’t check to see what it was made from, no biting nor looking for marks. […]

A dead fan

When fans die

If winter is the season of death for heaters then summer is the time when fans fall by the wayside like leaves from the vine. And rather like its sub-species, the fan heater, the death of a fan is always a little baffling. Power goes in, a little motor turns and around go the vanes, […]

a dead fake tree

When Christmas trees die part 2

About a year ago, I kicked off this series with an entry about dead Christmas trees being put out in the lane for recycling. There’s no prospect of mulching for this one, no wood-chipping or slow decomposition. This one is for keeps. It hasn’t been put out for recycling, a guilt-free discard in the knowledge […]

A dead teddy bear lamp

When teddy bear lamps die

So. I’ve been left out in the rain. Put out. Abandoned. There’s no easy way to say it, is there? No honey coating the obvious truth here. And I know what you’re thinking, so don’t pretend otherwise. You’re wondering how I could have been so gullible as to hope for a different outcome. Doesn’t it […]